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  • 11.7g BHB (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate)
  • 15 Servings
  • Effortlessly Burn Fat
  • Increase Athletic Performance

      Why Take Ketos IT

      1. On any diet, yes, any diet! All diets that intend to burn fat put your body in a state of Ketosis. BHB salts assist in this by keeping your body in a state of ketosis during times when it is needed most.

      When to take Ketos IT

      1. In the morning before cardio to kick start fat burn
      2. Before an afternoon or evening workout. Ketos IT will increase energy and performance without the need of Caffeine.
      3. Before a high carb meal. Ketos IT will help your body block the carbs from storing as fat

      How to take Ketos IT

      1. Mix one scoop of Ketos IT with Ice cold water or your choice of beverage.

      Take as a Pre-Workout, During Morning Fasting, Prior to a High Carb Meal

      • Ketos IT is made with patented beta-hydroxybutyrates (BHB) and designed to provide the full clinical dose of BHB salts for the ketogenic lifestyle to help you achieve ketosis. When reaching a state of ketosis your body begins to burn fat as energy which increases athletic endurance, mental performance and sustainable energy. Ketos IT is formulated to help support increased blood ketone levels and burn fat instead of storing fat (when combined with exercise!).
      • Ketos IT is naturally sweetened and naturally flavored with no additives. NO MORE XCUSES